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Management And Maintenance

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FLOORLIFE provides the Australian commercial property sector with professional floor life cycle management, planning and maintenance services. Specialising in healthcare and commercial projects, FLOORLIFE offers expertise across most floor surfaces including; carpet, vinyl, rubber, timber, ceramic and woven vinyl.

HOST®Dry Cleaner and Greener

With the objective of minimising the environmental footprint of our services, FLOORLIFE is proud to partner with HOST®Dry. As Australia’s premier dry absorption cleaning system, HOST®Dry has a strong focus on sustainability and holds a Green Seal, awarded to products that meet strict environmental standards. FLOORLIFE is proud to use HOST®Dry products in all maintenance programs.

Our Approach

FLOORLIFE takes a holistic approach to floor life cycle management and maintenance, with a focus on extending the life of flooring, beyond general cleaning. Our extensive range of maintenance programs include planning, implementation and monitoring, traffic pattern analysis, builder or ad hoc cleans, strips and reseals, emergency cleans and even upholstery and leather maintenance, are carried out using specialist equipment and the most sustainable cleaning products available.

Product Life Cycle and Stewardship

At FLOORLIFE, we understand the importance of extending the product life cycle and are committed to responsible product life cycle management. From sourcing, supplying and installing to removing, recycling and replacing product, sustainable practices are paramount. We practice product stewardship accountability for the most efficient environmental and financial maintenance solutions.

We offer commercial flooring maintenance services for:

  • Carpet tiles and broadloom carpet, including synthetic and natural carpet fibres
  • Stone and natural hard floors
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Ceramic and porcelain floors
  • Woven vinyl tiles and sheeting floors
  • Timber flooring

Our Clients

We have long-established partnerships with clients across the healthcare, education, retail, commercial and construction sectors. Clients include Cabrini Hospitals, Computershare, Engineers Australia and Tiffany & Co.

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